Home Visits

A patient is deemed to be housebound when they are unable to leave their home environment through a physical or psychological illness.

A patient is not considered housebound if he or she is able to leave their home with minimal assistance e.g. unassisted / assisted visit to the doctor, dentist, hairdresser, supermarket, social events.

However, the practice reserves the right to change this policy, where the clinical condition of a patient is deemed to be more appropriately provided in the home.

To make your surgery run more efficiently we would like to make you aware of changes to the services we provide.

Home visits take up a great deal of our time and should only be reserved for patients who are medically unable to attend the surgery.

Transport problems will not be accepted as a reason for the doctor to attend to you at home.

For any home visit where the patient has dementia, a member of the family needs to be present.

We would like to point out that where a patient can attend the surgery, the doctor can provide a service supported by other health professionals and special equipment, which would not be available in the home environment. This applies to children as well.

Please request a home visit before 11:00. This will be triaged and communication given by the end of the morning.