Changes to Practice Access

Three Villages Medical Practice introduced online consultation in August 2020 to offer alternative access, ease the telephone lines and to be able to triage all appointments in line with the National Standard Operating Procedure for General Practice. We have been able to offer patients the right appointment, with the right person at the right time, ensuring that urgent matters are dealt with on the day and all other non-urgent matters are allocated an appointment within two to three weeks.

We have seen the demand for primary care queries rise significantly over the past six months, often with minor illnesses that could/should have been self-managed or sought advice from local pharmacists. A review of appointment requests has shown, that due to the 24 hour, 7 day a week access to the website enquiry forms, that patients’ concerns have frequently self-resolved following a period of time and an unnecessary appointment has occurred, preventing others from having a timelier appointment.

Three Villages is therefore changing the access to the enquiry forms to be in line with the opening hours/telephone lines of the surgery – Monday to Friday (excluding Bank holidays) 08:00 to 18:30 from Friday 7th May at 18:30.

Access to information about the website will still be available including self-care, and you will still be able to register with the practice, update your contact details, and upload information for your long term conditions checks.

The website can still be accessed by a patient’s proxy and receptionists will continue to complete the website form on behalf of patients who do not have internet access during opening hours.

The website is, and, remains the easiest way to access a primary care enquiry and we encourage all patients to use this access rather than the telephone lines.

Thank you for all your understanding and support during these changing times.