Before requesting an appointment with one of our clinicians, it may be worth looking at our self-referrals page to check if a surgery appointment is needed for the service you require.

How To Request An Appointment

You can request an appointment in the following ways:

Our reception team are fully trained to assist you with making urgent and routine appointments. All reception staff have received care navigation training and are bound by confidentiality regulations, their aim is to get patients seen by the most appropriate health professional.

Please assist this process by disclosing a brief reason for your appointment.

Routine Appointments

We offer appointments for non urgent issues, which may be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

Urgent Appointments

If the problem is extremely urgent, requiring immediate attention, please advise the receptionist. Sometimes they may advise you to dial 999 for issues such as chest pain or shortness of breath.

Referrals for specialist assessment or treatment

After an appointment with a clinician, there may be a need to refer patients for a specialist assessment or treatment. These referrals will be sent within five clinician working days of the referral decision being made.

Extended Access Appointments

Extended hours and access is available on a Saturday morning from 08:00-12:00. We only offer pre-booked appointments and cannot deal with any other queries on a Saturday.

Three Villages is part of the Brierley Hill and Amblecote Primary Care Network. Practices are working in partnership to provide additional appointments throughout the week and evenings. If you need access to an evening or weekend non-urgent appointment, please enquire via our website or speak to the receptionist at your registered practice during normal opening hours.

How You Can Help Us

  • Let us know if more than one family member needs to be seen, as each person will need their own appointment.
  • One appointment is for one problem. Please advise the surgery if you have more than one problem so the necessary time can be allocated.
  • Request urgent appointments or home visits as early in the day as possible i.e. before 11:00.
  • Early morning is our busiest time on the phone line for booking appointments. We have extra reception staff answering the phones at this time but even so, you may have to hold for a period of time until your call is answered. Please use the online facility unless you do not have the ability to do so.
  • If you are ringing for the results of tests, please call after 11:00.
  • Chaperones – please let us know in advance if you would like a chaperone available during your appointment.


If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment we will be unable to see you and you will be marked as “Did Not Attend”.

Please call the surgery to let us know if you are going to be late and to see whether you can still be seen.  Patients who repeatedly do not attend appointments with no explanation will be contacted regarding this and may be removed from the practice list.

Cancelling An Appointment

If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know using our online triage as soon as possible, this may enable someone else to be seen.

If you have received an appointment reminder via text to your mobile phone, it will give you the option to respond with the just the word ‘CANCEL’ (no other information required) this will automatically cancel your appointment.

Please ensure this is the only word you reply with, if you use other words the system will not recognise these and will not cancel the appointment.